How To Download TV-shows, Movies, Episode On Starz ?


In the Starz play you can download the episode or movies at any time. Only you need to activate starz. 

To activate starz, you need to install the starz app. Then sign in and fill your details to activate Starz. Then go to After the activation starz you can download the episode, movies, series or Tv-show. Then you need to tap on the download button to download and then you can watch anytime, anywhere or also offline. And all the videos you download were in the starz play app.

You can also select the titles for offline viewing, without net connection. They also give one more feature auto-delete after two week. And you can delete titles according to your needs. 

To download the starz episodes, your device has enough storage space. And when you download starz movies or shows you need high-speed connection. There are two different types of quality in them one was standard quality which takes a less space and second was high-definition quality which takes the more space  in your device it’s your choice.


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