Apple new Update iOS14

Apple lately revealed a new technique or new updated iOS 14. Apple declared worldwide launching iOS14 on Monday and introduced it to the world. Due to Covid19  it was not a big event, it was only on an online platform, where the company CEO launched an event. And proposed a new iOS14 update and symptom for Iphone. They also bring a variety of features in them.

iOS 14 New feature

In this new update iOS14 has a new App library view. where you can unite all of your apps. You can automatically unite it in the App library into a set or lists. You don’t have to keep all icons on the home screen. They also add one more feature, for sorting the application on the basis of usage. And it is going to be useful for you. 

New Widgets

Apple adds new widgets at home screen. In this update widgets are more rich than ever in them. They give a variety of sizes in them. Where you can easily customize widgets. Access these widgets thru the “Widget Gallery” with unique sizes options. 


Apple talking Siri is also more powerful this time. The voice control in iOS14 made them more programmable. And this time the company said that they will bring twenty more features in them. They said that they added audio messages featuring them. and many more features they bring in them.

Translate feature App

Apple launched the new app in iOS14 to translate language and creation for conversations and doing jobs and things. It was an easy feature and using them was also easy. To start the app, you just tap on the microphone and the app will translate the language. It will help eleven languages. 


App Clips

They also launched a new clip symptom “App Clip” user easily access applications, access mini screen of the app when you have required of it. You have the best need to install in a full App. Apple launched a new way of single tap to pay you need only sign in with the Apple, it new type QR- code which formats both visual code for pay bills or many more.


Apple iMessage addings more features in them. They add emoji and face mask emoji and they also add pinned messages in the new update. iMessage when you pin your conversion it will top off of the screen, where directly to message. In groups anybody mentioned you in a message then noticed you. They have one more feature when anybody is typing the message then creates a facemask emoji on it. And updates their emoji and many more features in them.

iOS 14 Compatible Devices

Apple launched the iOS 14 which was compatible with Iphone 6s and later on the model  in them. 

Here list of them : 

  • Iphone 6s
  • Iphone 6s plus
  • Iphone 7
  • Iphone 7 plus
  • Iphone 8
  • Iphone 8 plus
  • Iphone X
  • Iphone Xs
  • Iphone Xs max
  • Iphone XR
  • Iphone 11
  • Iphone 11 pro
  • Iphone 11 pro max
  • Iphone SE (1 & 2 generation)
  • Ipod touch (7 generation)

iOS 14 release

Ios14 released on 22 june 2020 the only beta version. They don’t give a specific date when they have launched the full update. Maybe it will take 2 months or  maybe released in September. 


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