There are steps in an order you can fix the Roku in Starz. There are same following steps below in them

These steps are easy, you just need to do it step by step.

  1. First on the devices.
  2. Then go to home screen, Then press the * key and select “remove channel”.
  3. Then restart your Roku player from settings
  4. Then go to system and then System Restart.
  5. Once a device gets restarted, Then go to the Streaming channel on the home screen.
  6. Then search the channel and add them back.
  7. Finally Fix the Starz on Roku.


If still does not work then were one more method which was more in depth troubleshooting steps.

  1. First go to home screen
  2. Then go to settings
  3. Then you find the factory reset options.
  4. Select the factory reset.
  5. Then click on them. It will completely reset your device and clear all data,channels and login information from your device.
  6. Then after reset device and then you need to set up again.
  7. After setting up the device you need to add a channel in them.
  8. Add the Starz on them.

If you still have running problems then check your Wifi connection. Sometimes connection problems also occur in them. If you have specific channel problems directly to report them and also request for additional assistance for them.


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